Nautical milestones

When we left Seattle Children’s Hospital with Luella four months ago, we were warned  against comparing Luella’s development to typical baby milestone charts.  The doctors stressed that Luella would develop at her own pace and expecting her to reach milestones at the same rate as babies without brain injuries would be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

We’ve heeded their advice, (mostly) letting go of expectations and allowing “Luella to do Luella”.  Even so, I couldn’t help but notice when she reached three-months-old and she still wasn’t smiling.  I did my best to elicit grins: I sang in a nauseating falsetto, I peeked, I contorted my face, I contorted/peeked/falsettoed and then falsettoed/contorted/peeked…and nothing.  Despite my best efforts, she continued to stare back at me solemnly.

Seriously cute.

Seriously cute.

She passed four-months-old with nary a grin and when the infantile spasms set in, she was not only still unsmiling, she was nearly unresponsive.

And then, around Thanksgiving, it happened.  With steroids holding the spasms at bay, she came out of her fog and made it to the happiest milestone of them all: big, fat smiles.

SmilingThe smiles are coming regularly now, along with epic bouts of cooing.  These milestones are coming further apart than other babies, but you guys? They are so worth the wait.

Big, fat smiles!

Big, fat smiles!

(Health Update: Luella’s EEG from last week was all clear of infantile spasms, so we are continuing to wean her off of the steroids!  Hooray!  In January, we will have yet another EEG to see if the spasms are still eradicated, as well as visits with several other specialists.)

5 thoughts on “Nautical milestones

    • Thank you for sharing. I think and pray about you three a lot. Luella is so sweet! I love her cheeks! I bet she gets lots of mommy kisses on them 🙂

  1. Little miss Luella is very beautiful, you and dad are doing a wonderful job. I love reading the updates about her ❤ have a very merry Christmas as 1st time parents. Jade

  2. Luella is so blessed to have you as a mother! If anyone can help her overcome her challenging beginning, you will. Big hugs and prayers for continued progress.


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