Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Since leaving Seattle Children’s Hospital in August after Luella’s initial stay, we have returned 13 times for various appointments and tests.  It’s a 1.5-hour drive I don’t mind doing because of the unrivaled care and support we receive there (and I also like practicing songs for karaoke in the privacy of my car).

Every person we have interacted with, from the cleaning crew to the head of the Pulmonary Department, has been respectful, empowering, and compassionate.  Parking is easy to find, we’re greeted and directed to the appropriate place as soon as we walk in the door, appointments run on-time, and given the level of detail our specialists remember about Luella between appointments, I am almost convinced that she is their only patient.  And no big deal, but their doctors and nurses literally saved her life.

So yeah, we’re kind of SCH superfans.

With that, here are some pictures from our last two-day stint of appointments.  And no, we have not yet run into Russell Wilson (although not for a lack of trying/hoping/fantasizing).

CT Scan

Doctors were concerned that because Luella’s brain is growing slowly, the plates in her head didn’t spread fast enough and had fused together. This CT scan showed that this likely did not happen and it’s simply a cosmetic issue!

Preparing for the EEG

Another hour-long EEG to ensure that the abnormal brain waves associated with infantile spasms are still gone (and they are!).

Waking up with Mama after the EEG is over.

Waking up with Mama after the EEG is over.

"Never give up."

“Never givup.”

Grandma and Grandpa visiting and helping out for the day.

When Mike can’t come, Grandma and Grandpa drive over and help us out.

Luella and Mommy

Just some gratuitous cuteness.

Just some gratuitous cuteness.

Up next for Luella: feeding therapy, ophthalmology, and neuro-development appointments this month.  She’s also looking forward to the Seahawks winning the NFC championship and spending a long weekend at Mt. Baker!

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