Before Noon: First Art Project

During a weekend-long decluttering mission of epic proportions, I found a few tubes of finger paints hiding at the back of my craft shelves.  Luella and I spent this morning listening to Lauryn Hill and painting for the first time, then cleaning and recovering from her creative adventure.


Skeptical artist


Magnum opus

8-11-14-painting 2



Bathtime preparations


Air drying


Naptime. Kind of.


Two masterpieces.

One thought on “Before Noon: First Art Project

  1. Beautiful. One thing I vividly remember from leading playgroups is that children who do not feel safe at home are often afraid to get messy and play. Which made it hard to plan groups at times, because what to do with a child that is scared to get messy and play? OF COURSE Luella feels safe at home, so I guess what I’m trying to highlight is that I think it’s so beautiful and amazing that she knows–she KNOWS–she is loved and cared for and treasured and as such can get down and dirty. So beautiful.

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