I live in Bellingham, Washington with my daughter (Luella) uber-technologist/planning commission husband (Mike), and a super senior cat (Xavier).  I like late nights, early happy hours, unbridled brainstorming, knee-deep data and research analysis, community and political activism,  and 50% off days at Value Village.

On July 5, 2013, Luella was born with severe meconium aspiration and spent six weeks at Seattle Children’s Hospital, half of them in the NICU.  She has cerebral palsy, which includes seizures and developmental delays.  A crash course on her health is here.

Thanks for visiting and reading whatever I’ve spewed out at 2:00AM.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jenn..So happy to hear that Luella is smiling and cooing! I would love to make her that pair of booties…in soft washable wool, acrylic or cotton, and in any color ( I often use 2 colors.)
    yours, Robin:))

  2. Hi Jennifer. Gene Robertson (Rieke) here, George’s sister. Jennifer I LOVE your blog. I send my heartfelt best wishes and high hopes to all of you as you journey along this crazy path we call parenting. Louella is a doll, and she picked right when she picked her family! You are all so lucky to have each other.

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